Friday, September 28, 2007

Autism in the news

Autism has been headlined this week on Larry King as well as other venues. Magazines have full color photos of celebrity and son while other high profile parents rally to the front speaking on behalf of their children and the medical intervention needed on their behalf. One of the central characters in Belly Of The Whale is Willy Wu. He is described as "a gift from God", a special child. He is not identified as autistic but one might assume that he is. Willy becomes a hero through an act that the medical community might agree he is not capable of. This leads readers to wonder if there is anyway to know decisively what someone such as Willy would do to save a another person's life. To learn more about my debut novel go to:

As for the status of a Good Day this is one. As a matter of interest today is better than Good. Moon in Taurus makes the moon feel comfortable and allows folk to ask for what they need. This feeling continues until the wee hours of the 30th. For more Good Days go to:

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