Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Harvest Moon announces Breast Cancer Awareness

The Full Moon in Aries is at 3:45pm EST. This one should be a howler, absolutely magnificent. Two years out of maybe three the Harvest Moon is in September, other times in October. So consider this a special event. Now remember full moons make people a little bit unstable, crazy even. Vampires, again. Emergency rooms are brimming with folk who go bump in the night and try to fly on broomsticks. Attempt to keep from being too impatient and remain attentive but not aggressive. Aries Moon puts us on fire; kind of like a rocket booster. For more insight go to: www.celestialblueprints.com

October is Breast Cancer awareness month. Sport your pink ribbons and join with others to fight this devastating disease. "Belly Of The Whale" is about a thirty-eight year old woman with breast cancer. It takes you through twenty-four hours in her life. Check out: www.kunati.com/linda-merlino/ and while there read about the other books from Kunati now available. "Belly Of The Whale" will be on bookshelves March 1, 2008. It is dedicated to my mother, a breast cancer survivor, and to all the people who have died, survived and shared with a loved one the heartbreak of cancer.

Make everyday the best day of your life.

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