Thursday, September 20, 2007

Good Day

Yes, the Good Day Moon is in effect. She will carry over into the wee hours of Saturday morning. Friday should prove to be pretty much the same as today. Don't know how you all faired but I did well. Earned money and spent money. If you want to be successful tomorrow please keep in mind that the moon in Capricorn is all about material things. People tend to get bogged down in taking themselves too serious. Others can be a bit "cut-throat". Watch your back (literally) and take your time. Be diligent and remain rooted to the moment.

Did you pick up a book today? Kunati Publishers have so many titles to select from, please go to the web site or to Amazon to get more info. My debut novel release March 1, 2008. The story deals with 24 hours in the ife of a young woman with breast cancer. It is an uplifting tale that takes the reader into the darkness of a life and back out transformed.

Talk later

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