Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy 60th Birthday to Stephen King

So even Stephen King can turn 60. I admit I have read many of Mr. King's novels and have found them good reads. I keep his book on writing close by because I find I can simply open to any page and get a chunk of wisdom. As a writer, these snippets of brilliance are like buried treasure.
The weather in the Northeast has been picture perfect and very good for inspiration. If you are reading remember to check out Kunati Publishers. Recent buzz has been about Lynn Hoffman's "bang Bang" and Rosemary Poole-Carter's "Women of Magdaline". Check out the reviews for Lynn Hoffman on Amazon and Foreward has just published a great review for Rosemary.
My book deals with a loss of hope. "Belly of the Whale" releases on March 1, 2008. The main character has breast cancer and the story deals with 24 hours in her life. The day she gives up, gives in to the beast...cancer.

For those keeping track of the Good Days...this is one. Expect the unexpected and do the unexpected. Use this energy well. Technical stuff has a high success rate. So blog, and email like crazy.

Have the Best Day everyday.

Talk later...

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