Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bitten by a vampire

Cosmic newsflash: Saturn and Venus are dancing a tight tango. This intensity is very draining on sweet Venus. For many of us it feels like a vampire has taken a huge bite out of our necks. Drinking our blood seems appropriate for how we are feeling in the romance department or financially. Of course not everyone shares the faed out of color and energy. Some folk thrive on this kind of stuff, usually these are the people doing the draining. What to do? Be patient, get a lot of rest, don't break up with your lover, after the 15th the planet will do the doing for you.

Remember to read. There are so many new titles coming from Kunati Publishing, the best thing to do is check out: and navigate through all the selections. Keep that thought through until March 1, 2008 when Belly Of The Whale is released.

Even No Days should be our friends. Use everyday well and everyday will give you something back.

Talk later....

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