Monday, September 24, 2007

Moon In Pisces

If you want some sympathy or need to use a crying towel to make your point, today and tomorrow are Good Days. So do you get what I'm attempting to say? Use the energy of the day well. Pisces is often over-worked, taken advantage of or the martyr. Turn these negatives into positives with some clever thinking. Remember the half-full glass? For more Cosmic Gossip go to:

Now for the reading part of your day. Next Thrusday I get to read an excerpt from the first chapter of my debut novel "Belly Of The Whale". This will be my first public reading. Wish me luck and send good energy. The moon will be in Leo that night. Great time to stand on stage and self-express. For more good books:

Remember to have the best day of your life everyday.

Talk Later

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