Monday, September 17, 2007

Food for Cosmic thought

Something interesting in the cosmos has recurred. Five years ago a man named Michael Skakel was convicted of murder. A killing that took place in 1975 when he was fifteen years old. The verdict came on June 7, 2002, twenty-seven years later. The planet Mercury was retrograde on June 7, 2002. This occurs about three times a year for three weeks each time. During this backward dance of the Winged Messenger it is often likely that decisions made will later be challenged. In the case Of Mr. Skakel there is purported to be new evidence and the request has been made for a new trial. Just food for cosmic thought for today.

Mantra: Read. My novel releasing on March 1, 2008 deals with a loss of hope. Most of us can relate to this on some level. The main character has breast cancer and believes she will die from the disease. Those who have experienced the ravages of cancer will know that hope does not die easy. Readers will discover, that just when you think you know what will doesn't.
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