Saturday, September 22, 2007

Do you believe in angels?

One thing I consider on these Good Days, especially a moon in Aquarius when the unusual is norm, is the high incidence of angel experiences. What do I mean by this? Actually my favorite term is non-entity, but same-same no matter. Point is that these non-entitiies are looking out for me and you and they send messages via odd channels. I've grown accustom to these entities showing up in some way or another and have learned that the best way to acknowledge their presence is to say...thank you. My suggestion for others is to do the same. When that little voice gets loud in your head, when something you've thought about materializes, when a complete stranger rolls down their window, not to ask directions, but to tell you something they have observed, a very good thing that you thought had gone unnoticed, thank your favorite angel for finding a way to communicate.

Every day is a Good Day to read. Remember to pick up a book. Go to to view my book and see the Kunat line-up.

Talk more later....

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