Sunday, October 14, 2007

Good Day

We are all crawling out from under the weekend. We experienced a long lull between moons and it seemed like we were holding our breath under water. How many sentences have been interrupted and how many misunderstandings have occurred in a just a few days? What has come across your desk that passed there before? What do you have to review or redo? All this in only a few days. The good news is that since 3pm edt today we felt more optimistic about what needs to get done and how we intend to accomplish this or that. Starting something new may not be the best idea but revising a plan does sound right. The Sagittarius moon asks us to open our minds to new ideas and broaden our views. Tolerance is on the menu. Always use your sense of humor in situations that require attention. This energy stays with us until Tuesday night about 8:30pm.

We are mid-month into Beast Cancer attention to what you can do to fight the fight. Cancer affects everyone.

Have the best day of your life everyday.

Talk later...

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