Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Long No Day coming...

There is a long No Day on the horizon...Our comfy Cancer Moon nurtures us until about 4:30pm Wednesday and then drops off the radar. We may all feel a little bit like we've had the floor open up. This strange cosmic hole stays with us until 6:30pm on Thursday. Basicly you can say "don't worry". Putting yourself into stress mode will be a waste of energy. Go with the flow as the boomers used to say. The moon in Leo will welcome us with the stage lights on and the script ready to go. Get all your preparation done and then make your entrance after 6:30. For more Good Days: www.celestialblueprints.com

Searching for twenty high profile people to preview my new novel: Belly Of The Whale. I have several names and also people connected in some way to breast cancer. If you have suggestions please give me a post. www.kunati.com/linda-merlino/

Make every day the best day of your life...

Talk later

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