Friday, October 12, 2007

Mercury is going Backward...It's still a Good Day

It may be more apparent to some than to others, but something is definitly up in the cosmos. You get signals. Those weird things that happen that kind of mess up you plans and you just shake your head and say what is going on here? When Mercury retrogrades, which is three times a year, this kind of stuff happens. You know the bumper sticker: "S--t happens!", well it uually occurs during some backward planetary time. If all this cosmic babble has your head twisting don't fret. Communication is just a bit off, and I don't really expect you to understand completely or for that matter to "get it" just yet. Remember to speak with caution over the next few weeks. Gather your information lest something goes missing. Signing paper work or contracts, buying and selling anything vaguely similar to the afore mentioned should be done only if there is no choice or if you have been at "whatever" before. Redo's are most often dominant and so whatever came before or at the last retrograde (June 15-July 9) could be up for review again.
For the Good Day mention...Moon is in Scorpio since the wee hours of the morning. There are many secrets but none that can't be found out or confessed. Mystery is a game Scorpio likes to play and the exposure is all about Scorpio's purpose. Corporate activities and anything to do with the deep ends of the ocean are underlined. Enjoy the intensity of this other sign allows you to go as deep.

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month...wear your ribbons...fight the fight

Have the best day every day...
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