Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New Moon in Libra...Good Day

New Moon in Libra is smiling down upon us and funny how that sweet face in the sign of love has a way with our hearts. Lyrics stick in our brain and play out their melody all day. For those who are wise in the way of the cosmos you will harness this energy and put it to good use in your relationships. Having a partner is a beautiful thing. The Creator did not mean for us to be solo. Noah filled the Ark two-by-two. The next two days are all about tandem activities. Treasure this Venus ruled moon and fall in love if you are not already there. For those who want to conduct business use this energy to negotiate. Compromise is on the table. Decisons may not be easy but perhaps that is not the goal over the next 36 hours.

Wear your pink ribbon this month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Never give up hope.
Have the best day of your life everyday.

Talk Later...

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