Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Good Day

Today is a Good Day according to the cosmos. That being said what constitutes a good day. Opening your eyes and seeing your bedroom ceiling once again is a good way to begin. I read somewhere that you should have a picture, painting or something...perhaps a window with a view that your eyes settle on first thing. This or any of these should be comforting to your soul, so that you begin your day with a peaceful inner self. Please keep electronics out of your bedroom. The abundance of "plugged in" stuff in the one room we need to get rest is not conducive to this goal. Okay so you may need an alarm or something that reminds you to put your feet on the floor but everything else has to go. Trust me. You WILL sleep better.

The planet Mars is slowing down on his path preparing to take over Mercury's spot on the backward dance floor. If you like to dance or have entertained the thought, this may be a good time to begin. Dance studios should pick up students and although you may feel like "two-left-feet" you will learn and graduate dancing with the stars. Cosmic of course.

Keep yourself aware. Take care of the little stuff in your body that needs tending to. Once October ends it does not mean that we forget about Breast Cancer. Cancer is a twelve month a year disease.

Have the best day everyday.

Talk later...

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