Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Talk about Saturn....Good Day

Wednesday dawns as another Good Day, at least until a little bit after 7pm est. All efforts to come to a resolution, a compromise or other type of negotiation should take place before the moon does its shift. In the early-early morning a little after 2am, the moon will sparkle in Scorpio. Remember how intense Scorpio can be, how sensual and downright sexy. The truth is that Scorpio can seduce. All manner of seduction is very possible. Watch for people who have their own agenda and invite you, only to discard later. Scorpio can be manipulative because of the need to control. This sign works well in the corporate worl. Power is the name of the game.

As for Saturn, the taskmaster is now part of the clean-up committe. The mess left behind for the last two plus years must be turned out of chaos into some kind of sobriety. Look at the world and see how this continues to play out. Organization is the key word and detail isn't bad either. Be mindful of these two words as this is how the next two years will be remembered.

Saturn has a twenty-nine year cycle. This makes the age of 29 a major turning point in our life. Think back and say it isn't so. Now add twenty-nine years to that and you have 58, which again usually rocks us. Pay attention to cycles. Yes, twenty-nine is one, but there are others. Each brings its own genius to the table.

Fight the fight against breast cancer. Save a life...yours. Be deligent in taking care.

Talk later....

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