Monday, October 29, 2007

Moon brings a Good Day...Friends are family

The Moon brings us a Good Day. Cancer moon is all about being comfortable and family. This makes me think of all those friends that are family. The special people that come into our lives that do not share our name, our mother, or our father but they are sometimes closer than a sibling. For these folk we must consider our self blessed. Someone once said that if we have even one friend in a lifetime that it was a blessing. With this in mind I have a treasure chest of blessings because I have many friends. I hope that this wealth is shared by many. Keep your friends even when they move away, when they change jobs or disappear for awhile. Keep them close to your heart, for they support us on Good Days and Not-So-Good Days.

Autism has made the headlines again. Testing to discover Autism in our children is all about awareness. We have so much to be aware much to be grateful for...juggling the two is not a chore.

Talk later...

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