Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Having everything you need

A very wise woman once said, "Remember that you have everything that you need." So what does that mean? Do we arrive on this planet like a fully loaded car just off the lot? Or do we come unassembled with directions in multiple languages?
Truth is I think it is the latter. We come fully equipped. How we use what we've been given is a whole other thing. How we process what happens to us is mostly perception. This can cause equipment failure and the need for a "lemon" law.
Perhaps with Mercury dancing backwards in the cosmos we can take advantage of the opportunity to redo some of our past perceptions. Let's begin a little exercise in reviewing those occasions when the "wrong" message was sent out and the outcome was less than satisfactory. Go ahead. This is the time. You've got a cosmic window.

Today was a Good Day all day, no blips.

Give someone you love a hug. Do today all the things you've thought of...don't put them off.

Have the best day every day.

Talk later.

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