Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dreams give us answers

One of the important parts of our lives is the way we dream. Many folk claim not to dream while others have vivid recollections of their sleep adventures. Dreams can serve a purpose in our lives by answering questions that we ask when awake. When you dream for example of seeing an old friend at the beach you need to ask yourself: how did I feel? Was I happy to be with this person? What emotions were being exercised. That is the key. Pay attention to your dreams. Many can be foretelling. Learn to use the sights and sounds of your dreams daily.

This was a Good Day. Perhaps you experienced some communication issues but remember everything talked about in this three week period will have to be discussed again at a later date.

There are many ways to make you and your family healthy. watch your diet and stay fit. Keep yourself aware of the measures you can take to prevent cancer.

Have the best day of your life everyday.

Talk later...

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