Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Astrology for your Protagonist

So you have written the great American novel and your protagonist is the next Gatsby, so how can you be sure? How about creating a birthday for your main character, including where, when and what time. With this information a horoscope can be calculated and bingo: here is the cosmic low down on your protagonist. I have done this for several characters in my novels, usually at a point where I believe them to be "real" enough to review their astrology. My findings have always amazed me and added more depth to my fictitious family. If you are the least bit curious about any of your characters use my website: to send me their birth info.

Thursday has a Full Moon on the West Coast. Here on the East Coast the moon in Taurus will be full just after midnight on Friday morning. Full Moon's always bring out the howlers. Nothing is accomplished without drama and great exits. People on the planet churn-it-up. Emotions are high and emergency rooms are full. Thursday is a Mixed Day. In the East just after 5:30pm until 9pm the moon does its tight rope walk across the void. This will be a good time to relax. Don't buy anything if you can help it. Returns will be the results of impulse purchases.

Moon in Taurus gives us what we desire. Taurus is an earth sign. Money is often spent and lots of it. The moon is happy in Taurus so keep that feel good feeling through Friday.

Pretty in Pink...remain aware of the fight against Breast Cancer.

Have the best day every day.

Talk later...

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