Saturday, October 27, 2007

In the land of the Red Sox...

Crossing over the Massachusetts border you can feel IT. You are immediately aware of the fever; the contagious enthusiasm that has taken over the state. The irrational Red disease that caused Mr. Giuliani to claim allegiance to the Bo Sox and sever his popularity in New York. Yankeeville. People wear Red Sox attire on their heads, as shirts or on other parts of their bodies. Cars are adorned in a similar fashion; there is no end to the display. If you cheer for another team it with a body guard. No matter what your preference in is taken in by the spirit, by the very resonance of emotion, by the connection it has created. The joining of folk in an event such as baseball brings us to a higher level of understanding, of belief. Yankee fans included...there is something to be said for this kind of faith.

The moon is ducking out on us today. leaving us holding the ball and feeling like we are back peddling. No worries. After 8pm we'll get back into sync. Talk it up.

Keep yourself in the pink.

Talk later...

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