Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Gift of a Good Day

The energy of the Pisces Moon stays with us until about 4pm. Until the later part of today remember to use compassion when dealing with others. Hold tight to the knowledge that every day Good or Not-so-good is a gift. The very act of opening our eyes and being able to go out there again and do it all again is a gift. Trust yourself and what you know about yourself, if you can make the inner you better than do it. When Mars goes into his backward dance in a few weeks we will all feel the restraints of his energy, and there will be no where else to go but inside.

The Moon will slide into Aries just after 9pm. We are asked to speed things up, perhaps confrontation is the only way. Think of the stirring up as passion...passion for life. Think again what will you do with it? This passion.

October is counting down in days. Have you done all you can to help yourself and others be more aware of being healthy and extending yourself to help others be more conscious of breast cancer?

Have the best day everyday...

Talk later...

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